Week 9: Genesis 41-45

Studies in Genesis
Week 9, 2021

I. Monday —Genesis 41/ Pharaoh’s Dreams
1. How long was Joseph in prison before the Butler kept his promise?
2. When Joseph answers Pharaoh whether he can interpret dreams, what is he careful to do (v. 16)?
3. How are these dreams of Pharaoh unusual (see 41:28)?
4. Besides interpreting the dream what else did Joseph tell Pharaoh?
5. In what waysdo Joseph and Daniel (1:17, 2:20-23, 2:45, 48) share similar histories?
6. When Pharaoh raisedJoseph to second in the land what did he do to make him more accepted in Egypt?
7. How many years hadJoseph been in Egypt when this took place?
8. Given all ofthe events that befell Joseph how did he express he had found comfort?
9. How widespread was thefamine and what did thatresult in?

II. Tuesday —Genesis 42 / Joseph’s Brothers Trip to Egypt
1. Why do you think Jacob would not send Benjamin withhis brothers to Egypt?
2. Why did Joseph’s brothers have to appear before him, how long had it been since they last saw him, and what did he
do when he recognized them?
3. What did Josephremember when his brothers bowed before them, and thenwhat did heaccuse them of beingand
4. Why do the brothers believe that Pharaoh’s governor is dealing harshly with them?
5. What were thebrothers unaware of and howdid that impact Joseph?
6. On what condition were they released and sent home with grain, and what startling discovery did they make?
7. How did Jacob respond to the news his sons brought back?

III. Wednesday —Genesis 43 / Benjamin Comes to Egypt
1. When food ran out and they needed to go back to Egypt to buy more, what did Judah sayand why?
2. What do we learn from Jacob’s rebuke abouttalking about Benjamin to the governor?
3. What happened when Joseph saw Benjamin with them and how did they respond to Joseph’s orders?
4. Howwas the matter of the money resolvedand their fears put to rest?
5. What did Joseph do when he came to them?

IV. Thursday – Genesis 44 / Joseph’s Cup
1. How did Joseph plan to force his whole family to come to Egypt?
2. What was the brother’s response when accused and when the cup was found?
3. What was Joseph’s judgment?
4. What was Judah’s plea?

V. Sunday — Genesis 45/ Joseph Reveals Himself
1. How did Joseph respond to Judah’s plea?
2. How did Joseph alleviate any fear of retribution?
3. What instructions did Joseph send his brothers away with?
4. How did Pharaoh react when he learned Joseph’s brothers were in Egypt?
5. How did Jacob respond when he heard Joseph was alive?
6. Do you think the brothers ever confessed what they did to their father?