Week 5: Genesis 21-25

Bible Proficiency Project
Week 5, 2/8 – 2/14, 2021

I.     Monday — Genesis 21/ The Birth of Isaac

1.     From verses 1-2 what should faith teach us?

2.    In what way does Sarah’s laughter change?

3.    What special significance is there about Abraham having a feast when Isaac is weaned?

4.    Why was Ishmael now expelled?

5.    Why does Abraham go along with sending Hagar and Ishmael away?

6.    What were the circumstances of Hagar’s prayer and what does that indicate about her faith?

7.    What are the significant details about the covenant between Abimelech and Abraham?

8.    What is the significance that Abraham follows this covenant by planting a tamarisk tree?

II.    Tuesday — Genesis 22 Abraham’s faith is tested

1.     What test does God place upon Abraham in this chapter?  

2.    How do you explain Abraham’s reaction to God’s demand?

3.    What is interesting about the items that Abraham takes on this journey?

4.    What is significant about the mountain in Moriah?

5.    Identify how Isaac is a type of Jesus and how is Abraham to be viewed here?

6.    How significant is verse 8 to the whole Old Testament?

7.    What do we learn from Abraham’s faith being confirmed in this story?

8.    What is the result of Abraham’s obedience (vv. 15-19)?

9.    Why is Nahor brought in at this point?

III.   Wednesday — Genesis 23 / The field of Machpelah

1.     How old would Isaac have been when Sarah died?

2.    What do we know about Kirjath Arba?

3.    What lesson is there in Abraham’s plan to bury Sarah?

4.    Why does Abraham insist on paying for the land?

IV.  Thursday – Genesis 24 / A Wife for Isaac

1.     Why is Abraham directing his servant to obtain a wife from His relatives?

2.    What instruction did the servant request regarding the willingness of a wife to be obtained?

3.    What sign did the servant pray God would give him for picking who would become Isaac’s wife?

4.    How was his prayer fulfilled?

5.    Who was Laban and how did he respond to Rebekah’s report?

6.    In what way did the servant reveal his priority on the journey?

7.    What was Laban and Bethuel’s response?

8.    What was the catch to their leaving and how was Rebekah’s submissiveness revealed in this?

9.    What is significant about Isaac’s and Rebekah’s meeting for the first time?

V.    Sunday — Genesis 25 / Abraham’s death and Isaac’s Two Sons

1.     How long did Abraham live after Sarah died?

2.    What did Abraham do before he died?

3.    What may be unexpected about Abraham’s burial?

4.    Where did Isaac settle and what happened there earlier?

5.    What circumstances are associated with the birth of Isaac’s sons?

6.    What happened that showed that Esau’s birthright as the firstborn was forfeited?