Week 4: Genesis 16-20

Bible Proficiency Project
Week 4, 2/1 – 2/7, 2021

I. Monday — Genesis 16 / The Birth of Ishmael

1. What was Sarai’s reasoning for giving Hagar to Abraham?

2. What drove Sarai to deal harshly with Hagar and do you think she was justified?

3. What would be a literal translation of the name Ishmael?

4. Who did God say Ishmael would become and who were his descendants?

5. Who might you conclude is the Angel of the LORD?

6. What does Beer-Lahoi-Rooi mean?

II. Tuesday — Genesis 17 / The Sign of the Covenant: Circumcision / Abram’s Name Change

1. How old was Abram when God renewed His covenant concerning a son to Abram?

2. On what basis does one walk before God in a blameless manner?

3. What did Abram do after God spoke with him in verse 3, and how should we respond when we hear God’s


4. What did God communicate when He changed Abram’s name to Abraham and Sarai to Sarah?

5. Who are the beneficiaries of this covenant and why is this language significant (see verse 7, 10)?

6. What is the sign and significance of this covenant (vv. 10-14)?

7. How does God respond to Abraham’s doubt concerning Isaac and request regarding Ishmael?

8. How did Abraham demonstrate his faith restored in the promises of God?


III. Wednesday — Genesis 18 / The LORD’s Visit with Abraham

1. What do we know about the terebinth trees of Mamre?

2. How many “men” visited Abraham and enjoyed his hospitality?

3. From verses 10 and 17 who should we conclude these “men” were?

4. What lesson must we learn from the interaction with Sarah after she laughed?

5. What secret thing did the LORD reveal to Abraham and what was Abraham’s plea?

6. What did the LORD promise He would not do to the righteous in Sodom and Gomorrah?

IV. Thursday – Genesis 19 / Sodom and Gomorrah destroyed

1. How many angels came to Sodom and Gomorrah?

2. What concern did Lot show regarding these angels?

3. How was Lot’s concern confirmed according to verses 4-5?

4. In what way did Lot show his unbelief in regards to these angels?

5. What does their statement that “he (Lot) keeps acting like a judge” imply about his relationship to the city?

6. How is the power of God demonstrated through these angels?

7. How are the righteous of Sodom and Gomorrah delivered and what instruction did they receive?

8. What is the consequence of Lot’s daughter bearing children to him?


V. Sunday — Genesis 20 / God’s reversal of Abraham’s repeated sin

1. What does Abraham’s interaction with king Abimelech remind you of?

2. In what similar way does God preserve Abraham again in this sin?

3. What do you think was on Abimelech’s mind in verse 4?

4. In what way did Abimelech demonstrate some level of belief in Abraham’s God? Was this saving faith?

5. What was at the heart of Abraham’s actions in deceiving Abimelech?

6. How does Abraham demonstrate that his trust in God was restored?