Week 3: Genesis 11-15

Bible Proficiency Project
Week 3, 1/18 – 1/24, 2021

I. Monday — Genesis 11 / The Tower of Babel
1. What was the desire for all of the people in building the high tower that showed their arrogance?
2. What mandate of God was rejected by the people in their purpose for building the tower?
3. What did God see as the problem with the people being united as one?
4. How did God thwart their evil design?
5. What was the result of the one language becoming many?
6. How does the genealogy of Shem in chapter 10 differ from the one in chapter 11?
7. Terah undoubtedly had other sons and daughters so why are only these three mentioned?
8. Should verses 31-32 properly begin chapter 12 (explain)?
9. How should Terah setting out with Abram and Lot to the land of Canaan be understood?

II. Tuesday — Genesis 12 / The Promise of Land to Abram
1. What does God require and promise Abram in this first covenant with him?
2. What three things did God say He would do for Abram?
3. What else did God say would happen as a result of His actions toward Abram as part of the covenant?
4. What land and to who did God say He would give land in His promise to Abram?
5. How did Abram respond to God’s promise in verse 8?
6. Why did Abram go to Egypt?
7. What unwise thing did Abram do that God turned to good?
8. How did God expose Abram’s folly and what lesson should Abram have learned from this?

III. Wednesday — Genesis 13 / Abram’s Division with Lot
1. How was it that Abram left Egypt so rich in livestock and silver, and in gold?
2. When Abram left Egypt where did he go and what did he do?
3. What happened as a result of the strife between Abram and Lot and what challenge does it present to our
decision making process in serving the Lord?
4. What did Lot choose most in his decision making process and how did it backfire on him?
5. What promise did God make to Abraham regarding his choice of land?
6. What did Abram do when he settled Hebron?

IV. Thursday – Genesis 14 / Melchizedek the High Priest
1. What happened in the region where Lot had settled?
2. What happened to Lot and all his goods?
3. How did Abram respond when he heard of Lots capture?
4. Who met Abram when he returned with all that was taken?
5. How do we know that this Melchizedek was a type of Christ?
6. Who did Abram recognize as his deliverer in the encounter with Melchizedek?
7. In what way did Abram show himself the servant of the Lord in this episode?

V. Sunday — Genesis 15 / The Covenant of Off-spring
1. What covenant promise is given Abram to open chapter 15?
2. What concern did Abram place before the Lord and what reassurance did God give to Abram?
3. On what basis is Abram counted as righteous in verse 6?
4. How did God seal His promise to Abram and what did it signify?
5. What prophecy is given in verse 13 and how far off was its fulfillment?
6. What did the smoking oven and the burning torch symbolize and what did they seal?