Week 2: Genesis 6-10

Bible Proficiency Project
Week 2, 1/11 – 1/17, 2021

I. Monday — Genesis 6 / Noah’s Ark

1. Who are the sons of God and the daughters of men (v. 2)?

2. What was the condition of humanity at this time (v. 5)?

3. What does it mean that God was sorry?

4. Why is Noah distinguished from the rest of mankind at this point in history (v. 8)?

5. Why did God send a flood (vv. 11-12)?

6. How were the people of Noah’s day similar to those of 2Peter 3:1-10?

7. What is the size of a cubit and so what are the dimensions of the ark?

II. Tuesday — Genesis 7 / The Universal Flood

1. How many of each kind were saved?

2. How were the animals gathered (see 6:20 & 7:9)?

3. How old was Noah when the flood came?

4. How long did it rain for and was the flood the result of only the rain?

5. What do you think it means in verse 16 that the LORD shut him in?

6. What is meant that the waters prevailed for 150 days?

III. Wednesday — Genesis 8 / God remembers Noah

1. What contrast is hinted at in the word remembered in verse 1?

2. What begins to happen after 150 days and for how long?

3. How long before the ark settles on the ground?

4. What was the sign that the waters had dried or receded from the earth (v. 11)?

5. How did Noah know when it was time to go out of the ark?

6. What is significant about the language be fruitful and multiply (v. 17)?

7. What was the first thing Noah did upon exiting the ark?

8. A biblical type is something in the Old Testament which God purposed to point to something else which

would be fulfilled in the New Testament. What types do we learn of in the story of the flood?

9. What is the surprising element in verse 21?

IV. Thursday – Genesis 9 / Covenant Renewal of the world

1. What covenant does God renew with Noah (mankind) in verses 1-3?

2. What is new in this covenant?

3. What is significant about blood?

4. What does Genesis 9:6-7 say about murder and why is it a big deal?

5. Who does God establish His covenant with (vv. 8-10)?

6. What promise did God establish with the covenant and what was the sign for this covenant promise?

7. What occupation did Noah pursue and how does that relate to the curse?

8. What folly surrounded Ham and who did it impact?

V. Sunday — Genesis 10 /

1. Why do we have recorded the families of the sons of Noah?

2. Why does it seem they are in reverse order?

3. What is odd about the description that ends each one of how the families are divided?

4. In what way would the earth have been divided (v. 25)?

5. In what generation from the sons of Noah was the city of Babel established?