Week 1: Genesis 1-5

Bible Proficiency Project
Week 1, 1/4 – 1/10, 2021

I. Monday — Genesis 1 / The Creation of the World

1. What was the condition of existence prior to creation?

2. What was the first thing that God created?

3. What does it mean that the world was without form, and void?

4. What verses reveal that the Trinity was engaged in creating all things?

5. What is significant about the word God as His name?

6. What is a chiastic arrangement and how do we see it in this chapter?

7. What does it mean that God created humans in His own image? (HC 6)

8. Why was man created last?

II. Tuesday — Genesis 2 / The Creation of Man

1. Should verses 1-3 be viewed as part of chapter 1 rather than 2?

2. In what way and why does God rest on the seventh day?

3. How does Genesis 2 repeat and yet differ from Genesis 1?

4. How does man’s and woman’s creation differ from the rest of creation?

5. What does Adam mean and why is that significant?

6. What reason did God give for Adam to have a wife? Why is she called woman?

7. What is significant about the giving of the command in verse 15 and the naming of the animals in verse 20?

8. Is marriage a man-made and defined institution? What about gender?

III. Wednesday — Genesis 3 / The Fall of Man

1. Where did Satan come from and where does evil originate?

2. How would you explain why God decreed for Satan to tempt Adam and Eve?

3. Why did Eve eat the fruit God had forbidden?

4. Is Eve “at fault” for Adam eating of the fruit and which bears the greater fault?

5. What is the immediate consequence of their actions and how is it revealed through their actions?

6. Describe how there is a chiastic arrangement in God’s confronting sin?

7. Genesis 3:15 is called the protoevangelium which means what?

8. How does Adam’s sin change all of God’s creation? What lesson does God teach them in verse 21?

9. In what way was it a blessing that Adam and Eve were cast out of the garden?

IV. Thursday – Genesis 4 / The story of Cain and Abel

1. What was Eve thinking when she said I have acquired a man from the LORD?

2. What was Cain’s profession?

3. Why did Cain kill Abel?

4. What does it mean to be your brother’s keeper?

5. What were the professions of Jubal and Tubal-Cain and how does this contradict the evolutionist?

5. What was unique about Enoch?

6. Who are the sons of God and the daughters of men?

7. Why did God send a flood?

V. Sunday — Genesis 5 / The Genealogy of Adam

1. Why are these histories/genealogies important to Scripture?

2. Why are they selective?

3. Why does the line of Adam only include Adam to Noah at this point?

4. About how many years of human history have passed when Noah is born?