Week 7: Genesis 31-35


I. Monday —Genesis 31/ Jacob Flees From Laban
1. What was the occasion that called for Jacob to leave Haran?

2. In what way does God remind Jacob of the covenant He had made with him?

3. How did Leah and Rachel view their father?What kind of a man was Laban according to the description here?

4. From reading Laban’s accusation in verses 26-30, what seems to be the real reason Laban pursued Jacob?

5. In Jacob’s rebuke of Laban what did Jacob say about all that he hadcarried away with him?

6. Does Laban acknowledge that all of this now belongs to Jacob?

7. What was the significance of the pillarand where was it located?

II. Tuesday —Genesis 32 / Jacob Wrestles With God
1. What happened when Jacob sent messengers to Esau to inform him that he had returned to Canaan?

2. What was the nature of Jacob’s prayer as Esau was coming?

3. What escape plan did Jacob develop for Esau’s coming?

4. What is the result of Jacob’s wrestling with the Man?

III. Wednesday —Genesis 33 / Jacob’s Showdown With Esau
1. What happened when Esau and Jacob came together?

2. What further evidence was there that Esau meant Jacob no harm in verse 9?

3. When Esau offers to lead the way to Seir what did he think Jacob would do and what did happen?

4. Where would Jacob eventually settle and what did he name the place?

IV. Thursday – Genesis 34 / The Dinah Abomination
1. How are we to understand the term violated given the context of the subsequent events?

2. Why should the proposal of Hamor have been rejected?

3. How did Jacob’s sons make clear they understood this but then abused their covenant relationship?

4. What was the motivation given in verse 23 to entice all the men of Shechem to agree to be circumcised?

5. In the end who got all the other guys’ stuff?

6. Was Jacob right or wrong in why he was angry with Simeon and Levi and why?

V. Sunday — Genesis 35 / The Death of Rachael and Isaac
1. Why does God require Jacob to move to Bethel?

2. What other evidence demonstrated that this move to Bethel was for covenant renewal?

3. What were the circumstances that led to Rachel’s death?

4. Where did Israel move to and how does the chapter end?