Week 6: Genesis 26-30


I. Monday —Genesis 26 / Isaac and Abimelech
1. How did famine impact Isaac as well as people in general in that day?

2. In what way does God covenant with Isaac similar tothe covenant He initiated with Abraham?

3. In what way does Isaac reflect thesimilarsin ofpatternAbraham in Gerar?

4. In what way does God affirm his intention to continue his blessing on Isaac as he did Abraham?

5. Why did Isaac have to relocate and what did he reclaim?

6. In what way did the covenant Abimelech struck with Isaac mimic what he did with Abraham and why did he do that when
he did?

7. Why would Esau taking wives from the Hittites be a grievance to Isaac and Rebekah?

II. Tuesday —Genesis 27 / Jacob and Esau
1. Why does Isaac request Esau to go hunt for him?

2. Who was behind Jacob stealing the birthright and was this a sin?

3. Why did Esau say in verse 36 that Jacob is rightly named?

4. Was Jacob rightfully entitled to the blessing?

5. What did Esau vow in his rage at Jacob and should we feel sorry for Esau?

6. Where and for what reasons did Rebekah send Jacob away?

III. Wednesday —Genesis 28 / Jacob’s Blessing
1. What do we learn from this second blessing of Jacob by Isaac?

2. How did Esau seek to gain favor with Isaac and what did he fail to understand?

3. Where was Jacob when he dreamed and describe what he learned from his dream about the ladder?

4. What is Jacob’s response to this dream?

IV. Thursday – Genesis 29 / A Wife for Jacob?
1. How did Jacob know he had arrived in Haran and how was it a reminder of Abraham’s servant’s arrival?

2. Who was Laban to Jacob and was Jacob warmly received?

3. What would Jacob have been doing while a guest of Laban for that firstmonth (v. 14)?

4. What did Laban suggest and what should be concluded from Jacob’s response?

5. What happened at the end of the seven years?

6. How long did Jacob have to wait to marry Rachel?

7. What lesson is there in verse 31 regarding Jacob’s love for Rachel and hatred for Leah?

8. How many sons were born by Leah and what did Leah hope would be the result?

V. Sunday — Genesis 30 / God’s Blessing on Jacob
1. How did Rachel respond to not being able to conceive?

2. What arrangement did Rachel make for Reuben’s mandrakes and why?

3. What might you conclude was Leah’s prayer to God and what was God’s answer (v. 17)?

4. Jacob now had ten sons and a daughter and Rachel was without a child. Where did that leave her?

5. Why did Laban make a deal to get Jacob to stay longer and how did his deception backfire?