Week 17: Exodus 28-32

I. Monday — Exodus 28 / The Priestly Garments
1. What is the nature of the role of the priest?
2. What was the purpose of the priestly garments?
3. How were the gifted artisans able to design and build the holy things?
4. What were the items of the priestly attire?
5. What was the ephod and what was it used for?
6. What was the connection between the breastplate and the ephod?
7. What is the Urim and Thummim?

II. Tuesday — Exodus 29 / Aaron’s Priesthood
1. What was the process to hallow or consecrate Aaron and his sons?
2. What is significant about verses 10-11 in the placing of hands?
3. How many different offerings are mentioned in this chapter and what are they?
4. What is the significance of the door of the tabernacle of meeting?
5. According to verse 43 how is the tabernacle sanctified and what does it mean to be sanctified?

III. Wednesday — Exodus 30/ The Tabernacle Altars
1. Where was the altar of incense to be placed and what did it represent?
2. Describe the census tax, how it was applied and what did it fund?
3. Where was the laver placed and what was its function?
4. What was the anointing oil used for?
5. In what way were the anointing oil and the incense to be exclusive?

IV. Thursday – Exodus 31 / The Tabernacle Artisans & Sabbath Law
1. Were the plans God gave to Moses on the mountain sufficient to build all that was commanded for the tabernacle?
2. How was it decided who would build the tabernacle?
3. What is the Sabbath a sign of and in what way does the Lord’s Day function similarly?
4. What is the Sabbath based on that shows it was not a ceremonial law?
5. What was the last thing God did on the mountain in speaking with Moses?

V. Sunday — Exodus 32 / The People’s Treason
1. When Moses was gone for forty days, what did the people ask Aaron for?
2. What three elements were broke God’s command about worship in making the golden calf?
3. When Aaron said in verse 5 tomorrow is a feast to the LORD who did he probably have in mind?
4. What did God propose to do because of Israel’s treason?
5. In what way does Moses represent Christ by his pleading with God for Israel?
6. What was Aaron’s excuse for Israel’s betrayal?
7. What was the cost of their sin?