Week 16: Exodus 23-27

I. Monday — Exodus 23 / More Law Applications
1. What commandment is in view in these verses?
a. 1-3
b. 4-5
c. 6-8
2. In what way is the concept of sabbath rest to be seen as a creational concept?
3. What were the themes of each of the three festivals and what was required in them?
4. Is there a connection between John 14:1-4 and verse 20?
5. According to verses 27-33 what will be the process in which God gives Israel the promised land?
II. Tuesday — Exodus 24 / Covenant Affirmed
1. When Moses spoke the word of the LORD to the people how did they respond?
2. What is the Book of the Covenant (v. 7) and where did it come from?
3. How is it connected to the offerings in verses 4-8?
4. What is the significance of the tablets in verse 12 to the Law?
5. How long was Moses up in the mountain of God?
III. Wednesday — Exodus 25/ The Tabernacle Furniture
1. What constitutes a willing offering to God?
2. Why were the people to build God a sanctuary?
3. What is to be put into the ark and what is to be its lid?
4. What did the mercy seat represent to the people?
5. Why do you think gold was the primary material in the making of the furniture and the vessels?
IV. Thursday – Exodus 26 / The Tabernacle Construction
1. How is the Tabernacle different from the later Temple?
2. How is the Tabernacle the same as the later Temple?
3. If a cubit is 1 ½ feet, how big was the Tabernacle?
4. Who designed the Tabernacle and how detailed were the plans?
5. How many rooms were in the Tabernacle and what was in them?
V. Sunday — Exodus 27 / The Court of the Tabernacle
1. What was to be in the court of the Tabernacle?
2. Why were there rings on the sides of many of the furniture items?
3. How was the court established and what were its dimensions?
4. What was the pure oil to be used for?
5. Whose family was designated to tend to the duties in the Tabernacle?