Week 14: Exodus 14-18

I.  Monday – Exodus 14 / The Red Sea Crossing

1. What do you think the situation in Egypt must have been after Israel left the land?
2.  Why did God lead Israel by the way of the Red Sea (south) and not directly to Canaan, up the coast which was the shorter route?
3.  How did Israel know that God was leading them?
4.  What did God cause Pharaoh to conclude about the Israelites route and how did he react?
5.  What was the Israelites reaction when they saw Pharaoh approaching?
6.  How did Moses respond to the people’s fears?
7.  At what point and why did the Egyptians flee from Israel at the Red Sea?
8.  What does this account of the redemption of God’s people tell us about the power of God and in what way are we still able to call God a “God of love” after so much blood had been shed?

II.  Tuesday — Exodus 15:1-19/ The Song of Moses

1. What story is told in this song of Moses?
2. Was it proper for Israel to rejoice so much in the death of the Egyptians, or should they have shown more love and felt some sympathy for them?
3. Throughout this narrative what is God’s ultimate desire for His people according to verse 3?
4.  List six things the LORD is to His people according to verses 2-3.
5.  According to Exodus 15:14-16 what particular nations would take notice of what happened to the Egyptians and what would be their reaction?

III.   Wednesday — Exodus 15:20-16:36 / Into the Wilderness and Manna From Heaven

  1. What should we understand by the wilderness?
  2. How long after they left Egypt did it take for Israel to begin complaining?
  3. What was the problem with the waters and Marah and how did Moses fix the problem?
  4. What was the next wilderness area and what was the complaint there?
  5. How was this complaint resolved?
  6. In what way did Moses confront the complainers and in what way might that apply today?
  7. What does the principle of gathering double manna on the sixth day teach us about Sabbath observance?
    8.  Look at John 6:49-51 and describe how Jesus is the fulfillment of the type of the manna? Would all the people that ate the manna be saved? Why or why not?

IV. Thursday – Exodus 17 / The Water from the Rock

1.  Why did the children of Israel contend with Moses at Rephidim and what made this even worse?
2. What happened when Moses went to the LORD?
3.  According to verse 7 what was Israel’s sin?
4. Who was the first nation to war against Israel and what decided the battle?
5. Who led the Israelites to victory, and what is the significance of the rod of God in this attack, and the naming of the place?

V. Sunday — Exodus 18 / The Division of Leadership

1.  Who was Jethro and what did he do for Moses?
2.  What did Jethro observe as a problem for Moses?
3.  What was the counsel from Moses’ father-in-law, and what lesson does it give us for keeping order among God’s people?
4.  What qualifications should the men chosen possess and what duties should they perform?