Week 15: Exodus 14-22

I. Monday — Exodus 18 / The Division of Leadership
1. Who was Jethro and what did he do for Moses?
2. What did Jethro observe as a problem for Moses?
3. What was the counsel from Moses’ father-in-law, and what lesson does it give us for keeping order among God’s people?
4. What qualifications should the chosen men possess and what duties should they perform?
II. Tuesday — Exodus 19 / Covenant Confirmation
1. How long after leaving Egypt did it take to reach Mt. Sinai?
2. What instruction did God direct Moses to teach the people about their relationship to God?
3. How did Israel respond to Moses’ words?
4. Why did God speak out of the thick cloud?
5. What was required of the people for the coming of God’s presence?
6. Why do you think God presented Himself to the people in such an awesome way in vv. 16-20?
III. Wednesday — Exodus 20/ The Ten Commandments
1. Did God first give the Ten Commandments on two tablets of stone?
2. What was the people’s reaction to God’s speaking
3. In what way and why does God test us?
4. What specific instruction did God give about making anything to serve or represent Him by?
5. What do we learn about the name of God in this passage?
IV. Thursday – Exodus 21 / Servants, Violence and Animals
1. Where does slavery originate and what is God’s purpose here?
2. What does the rule of limited servitude teach us?
3. How seriously does God restrict violence against another person?
4. Why does God put such serious penalties (ie. death) in many circumstances?
5. What does 21:16 teach us about slavery?
6. In verses 23-25 we have the rule of lex talionis; what does that mean?
7. What is the principle for rules concerning animals?
V. Sunday — Exodus 22 / Property and Morals
1. What is the primary principle or remedy with regards to theft?
2. Why is there a distinction made in verses 2-3 on the killing of a thief in the night versus the day?
3. What is the result of a young man seducing a young woman?
4. What is to be done for the following:
a. Bestiality v. 19:
b. False worship v. 20:
c. Widows and fatherless v. 22:
d. Dealing with the poor v. 25-27:
e. Relating to God’s authority v. 28:
f. First fruit offerings vv. 29-30:
g. Roadkill v. 31: