Week 10: Genesis 46-50


I. Monday —Genesis 46 / Israel Comes to Egypt
1. How did God prepare Israel to move to Egypt?

2. What did God promise would happen to Israel’s family while in Egypt?

3. What were the five things God said would happen in verses 3-4?

4. How many people went down to Egypt with Jacob?

5. What land were they to move to and what was it like?

6. Why did Joseph tell his brothers to say to Pharaoh that they were shepherds?

II. Tuesday —Genesis 47 / Joseph’s Work inEgypt
1. What did Pharaoh ask when he learned they were shepherds?

2. What two things did Jacob confess to Pharaoh when he met him?

3. How bad did the famine become and what did the Egyptians have to do to survive?

4. What portion of their harvest did they have to promise to give to Pharaoh and for how long?

5. How old was Jacob when he died and how long did he live in Egypt?

6. What final promise did Jacob make Joseph vow?

III. Wednesday —Genesis 48 / Jacob’s Blessings
1. Who were Manasseh and Ephraim?

2. What subtle thing did Jacob do in 48:5 and how are his words here important for the future?

3. Which of the two sons of Joseph became a great nation and received a greater blessing?

4. What promise was given to Joseph?

5. What does the portion in 48:22 refer to?

IV. Thursday – Genesis 49 / Jacob’s Last Words
1. What does Jacob mean that Reuben was the beginning of his strength?

2. Why does he couple Simeon and Levi together in his proclamation?

3. How is Judah’s blessing distinct from the others?

4. What does the word Shiloh mean and to whom does it refer?

5. Where did Jacob say he was to be buried and what is important about this?

V. Sunday — Genesis 50 / Joseph’s Reassurance
1. How was Jacob’s body prepared for burial?

2. Who buried Jacob and who all went with him?

3. What were Joseph’s brothers worried about after their father was dead?

4. Do you think that Jacob told the brothers to say those things to Joseph (v. 17)?

5. What did Joseph mean in v. 19 when he stated am I in the place of God?

6. Do you think Joseph and his family lived in Goshen?

7. What promise did Joseph require from the children of Israel before he died?

8. How old was Joseph when he died?