Week 8: Genesis 36-40


I. Monday —Genesis 36/ Edom
1. Why does Esau move his family to Edom, and what historical rivalry does this set up?

2. In verse 15 Moses records several of Esau’s sons who became chiefs. What is this to be related to?

3. What point did it serve for Moses to list rulers of the Edom land?

4. Some critics argue that Moses could not have written verses 31ff. Why and how is this to be answered?

II. Tuesday —Genesis 37 / Joseph’s Dream and Brothers Betrayal
1. Is it problematicfor a father to demonstrate a greater love for one son?

2. What do you think Joseph’s dream of the sheaves pictured?

3. Do you think that Joseph suffered from arrogance here?

4. How should Joseph’s family have reacted to Joseph’s dreams?

3. What is the relation of Hebron to Shechem?

4. How can it be seen that God is directing Joseph’s path to Egypt?

5. What is the relationship between Midianites and Ishmaelites?

III. Wednesday —Genesis 38 / Judah and Tamar
1. Why did Onan rebel against bringing a child by Tamar?

2. Where did this leave Tamar?

3. So what did Tamar do?

4. How was Judah outrage turned to shame?

5. What is significant about the two sons born to Tamar?

IV. Thursday – Genesis 39 / Joseph in Potipher’ House
1. What is unusual about Joseph as a slavein Potipher’s house?

2. What benefits came to Potipher as a result of Joseph’s presence?

3. What was Potipher’s attitude toward Joseph?

4. Why does Joseph refuse Potiphar’s wife?

5. How does this story shape our view of temptation?

6. Why may it seem Potipher’s response is lenient?

V. Sunday — Genesis 40/ The Prison Dreams
1. To what prison was Joseph committed?

2. What was the attitude of the warden toward Joseph?

3. Why were the dreams of the baker and butler important?

3. Who does Joseph say the interpretation of dreams belong to?

4. What did Joseph ask of the chief butler in return for interpreting the dream?

5. Why was Joseph not bitter about all the evil being done to him?