Week 11: Exodus 1-5

Studies in Exodus
Week 11, 2021

I. Monday —Exodus 1 / Israel’s Suffering
1. Ifthetheme in Genesis presented God’s election, what would the dominant subject of Exodus be?
2. What would a second theme be for Exodus?
3. What might be the five divisions of the Book of Exodus?
a. Chapters 1-6
b. Chapters 7-11
c. Chapters 12-18
d. Chapters 19-24
e. Chapters 25-40
4. As time went by what happened to the descendants of Israel according to vv. 1-7?
5. How long were the Hebrews in Egypt [Ex. 12:40] and how long before they were persecuted [Acts 7:6]?
6. What was the concern of the Egyptians regarding the Hebrews, what did they do?
7. How did this resemble Jacob and Laban?
8. What role did the midwives play in this oppression?

II. Tuesday —Exodus 2 / The Birth of Moses
1. What tribe of Israel was Moses born of?
2. In verse 4 who might his sister be?
3. How did God preserve Moses’relationship withhis mother?
4. Did Moses see himself as the son of Pharaoh’s daughter or a Hebrew and why?
5. Why did Moses flee Egypt?
6. Where and how did Moses find a home in the wilderness?

III. Wednesday —Exodus 3 / The Burning Bush
1. Locate Midian and Mt. Horeb on the map. What is special about Horeb?
2. What is the significance of the burning bush and the Angel of the LORD?
3. What does God calling Moses by name indicate?
4. What promise did God give Moses regarding his mission to deliver the Hebrews from Egypt and what comfort should
we receive from this?
5. What is significant in God’s name?
6. What did God say it would take for the people to be delivered?

IV. Thursday – Exodus 4 / Moses Sent to Egypt
1. What were Moses’two concerns or objections to God’s call?
2. How did God respond to these arguments and what was his solution?
3. What final request did Moses make that angered God?
4. What does v. 16 teach about the relationship of office to the people?
5. What is the significance of vv. 24-26 to sacraments?
6. How did God bring Aaron and Moses together?

V. Sunday — Exodus 5 / Moses Before Pharaoh
1. How does Pharaoh’s response reflect the attitude of the world?
2. What did Moses warn would happen if they were not allowed to go worship?
3. What was Pharaoh’s response?
4. How did the Hebrews respond to Pharaoh’s unreasonable demands?
5. So what did Moses do?
6. What lesson is there in this for the church today? What do Egypt, Pharaoh, and the Israelite’s suffering